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YOUR HOUSE is a tale of a house that is not a house, but a puzzle that houses the story of two women: a lost teenager on her quest for an answer, and a wise woman’s struggle against social and cultural conventions to become who she really wants to be. Both stories intersect in a surprising ending that will give meaning to their lives.


The role of the house in the story is extremely important as it keeps the secret that the two leading protagonists of the story share. 

The house is a narrative vehicle/game mechanic. More than a protagonist of the story, the house serves as an excuse to tell the story in a different, original way. Above all, it allows us to use a choice-based game mechanic through text where the reader/player explores the rooms of the house and solves challenges to discover more about the characters and uncover the story.

The house is a personal diary. A house knows what you eat and what you read. it knows when you go to sleep and when you sit down to watch TV. It knows the sound of your laughter, it knows your fears, your tears, and your kisses. It knows you like pillow fights, playing music loud, and dancing naked in front of the mirror. But what do you know about it? This is the spark that ignites the mystery at the heart of this story.

The house is a puzzle. Based on the true story of an apartment in Manhattan, the house is the perfect artifact upon which to build a puzzle and hide a mystery. In this way, it becomes an unusual playground that we all can identify with. And although at certain points the experience is comparable to an escape room, in this case, the story is not as much about finding a way out, but rather uncovering the lives of the characters and their history.


Follow-up: YOUR HOUSE is the prequel of our first game UNMEMORY.

Text is the gameplay: Read to solve the puzzles and move forward along 5 chapters of a thriller story (6 h. approx. of gameplay)

Challenging puzzles that seamlessly fit in the narrative: YOUR HOUSE brings in challenging, escape room style puzzles, but does so in an effortless way, blending them with the narrative.

Based on a true story: YOUR HOUSE tells the story of a house that hosts a secret waiting to be discovered, as Steve Klinsky’s apartment in Manhattan’s 5th Ave was designed by architect Eric Clough.

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iOS, Android, MAC, PC


Detective, Text-based, Narrative, Puzzle, Escape


English, Spanish.





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